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Balance Pak® 100


• Use to maintain total alkalinity.

• Proper total alkalinity prevents pH from bouncing due to rain, bather load, and other chemical application.

• Helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling.

• Dissolves quickly when added directly to water.

Balance Pak® 200


• Use to raise pH in pool water.

• Helps prevent equimpment corrosion, etching of plaster, and wrinkling of liners caused by low pH.

• Prevents eye irritation due to low pH.

Balance Pak® 300


Balance Pak 300 is a unique formulation for faster dissolving and less cloudiness. It boosts calcium hardness to help prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster and wrinkling of liners.

• For raising calcium hardness

• Inhibits corrosion of pool equipment and surfaces

Lo ‘n Slo®


Reduces pH and total alkalinity in pool and spa water. Easier and safer to use and store than Hydrochloric Acid.

Pool Magnet


BioGuard® Pool Magnet is a chelating agent that binds iron, copper and manganese in the water to prevent them from being oxidised and staining the pool surface or discolouring the water.

• Liquid chelating agent.

• Helps prevent staining from iron, copper and manganese.

• Helps remove fresh stains.

• Eliminates water discolouration from oxidised metals.

• When used according to label instructions, product remains effective for up to 4 weeks

Sun Shield


Sunshield is used to prevent free chlorine residual loss in swimming pool water due to sunlight.

Protecting your chlorine from sunlight, reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs..

Scale Inhibitor


Reformulated Scale Inhibitor works four times better than our previous formula at preventing scale build-up from high calcium levels. Regular use of this concentrated formula prevents scale build-up on:

• Pool surfaces

• Piping

• Filtration & heating elements

• Effective for up to four weeks

• Will not affect pH

Algae Killer


A very effective, quick acting, green and black algae destroyer. For best results use in conjunction with BioGuard® Burn Out.


• Kills a wide range of algae species

• Fast Acting

• Highly effective

• Won’t kill grass or shrubs

• Won’t stain surfaces

MSA II Algaecide


MSA II is the newest and most effective rival against all types of swimming pool algae.

BioGuard® MSA II is a patented, non-staining pool algaecide, which is specially formulated for use in all types of swimming pools.


• Kills a wide range of algae

• Fast Acting

• Highly effective

• Effectively kills mustard algae

• Protection against staining

• Concentrated algaecide

Synergy System® Tabs


Synergy Tabs are a slow release concentrated chlorine product designed for use in floating baskets or automatic in-line feeders.

Synergy Tabs are specifically formulated not only to provide highly efficient pool water sanitation but also enhance the water quality and bather comfort.

Synergy System® Floater


Synergy System Floater is a slow release concentrated chlorine product formulated to provide highly efficient pool water sanitation, but also enhances the water quality and bather comfort.

Synergy System® Floater Kit


The Synergy System Floater Kit is a simple 2-part system for keeping your pool in perfect shape. The box contains a 1.5kg Synergy System Floater to provide highly effective pool water sanitation and two 650g bags of Synergy Clear. Synergy Clear replaces several products with one convenient pre-measured product. This specially formulated product, a blend of multiple oxidizers, clarifiers and water enhancing buffers, keeps your pool water clear.

Smart Tabs® (Weir Dispensing Technology)


Smart Tabs are stabilized, concentrated 200g chlorine tablets containing Smart Guard. Smart Tabs kill bacteria continuously by maintaining the proper chlorine level in your pool.


• Smart Guard, the patented ingredient in Smart Tabs, prevents them from dissolving too quickly so they’ll last all week or up to  twice as long as ordinary tablets.

• Easy on pool surfaces, pumps, filters and other equipment; because they’re formulated to erode only when the pump is running.

• Won’t cloud water, and leaves no residue.

• Once a week application.

• Simply drop the required number of tabs
(1 tablet per 25 000l water) into the weir basket – it’s that easy and out of sight.

Swim Clear Floater


Swim Clear Floater is a multifunctional stabilized floating chlorine feeder that lasts up to a month in pools up to 50,000l.


• The floater recommended by Pool Care Professionals

• Is convenient to use

• Won’t cloud water

• No residue

• Consistent chlorination

• Improved water clarity

Silk TabsTM 200


Swim in smooth luxurious water! Silk Tabs are a revolutionary product exclusive to BioGuard and the first sanitizer made with SilkGuard Technology. SilkGuard, is an unique additive that attaches itself to hard water components and metal surfaces, protecting against corrosion and staining. Silk Tabs with SilkGuard leave’s water extraordinarily soft and smooth.


• Makes water soft and smooth

• Prevents scaling, corrosion and metal staining

• Extends the life of pool equipment

• Contains SunShield to protect chlorine from sunlight so you use less



Ultraswim, a multi-function STABILIZED GRANULAR chlorine with built-in clarifiers filter enhancer algae preventative and sunlight protector.


• 4 in 1 Sanitizer and shock

• Kills bacteria and algae.

• Chlorine lasts longer – protected from the sun

• Reduces the need for pool acid

Super Soluble


Super Soluble is a superior blended multifunctional Dichlor product containing multiple treatment ingredients.

Super Soluble is available in containers of 2.25kg and 10kg.


• Quick dissolving stabilized chlorinating granules

• Kills bacteria and algae

• Built-in clarifier and filter enhancer

• Contains a sunlight protector

• Almost neutral pH



Varitab are unique, easy to use dual layer tablets that make pool care simple. Varitab create crystal-clear sparkling water with formulated shock oxidizers. They also contain sanitizers and  clarifiers that eliminate contaminants and kill bacteria.

The White layer

Kills bacteria, sanitizing your pool. Contains SunShield technology which protects chlorine from sunlight so you use less. Continuous flocculation and added hardness stabilizer ensures clean, clear water.

The Blue layer:

Unique, patented product supplies routine maintenance shock, letting you achieve crystal-clear, sparkling water. Dissolves quickly to kill bacteria and disinfect the filter

Bio Chlor ‘Plus’


Bio Chlor ‘Plus’ is a premium blend of Calcium Hypochlorite which should be used daily to control bacteria & algae in pool water. Formulated for sanitizing, oxidizing, clarifying and enhanced water quality. Contains a scale inhibitor.

Synergy System® Clear


Synergy System Clear replaces several products with one convenient pre-measured product. This specially formulated product, a blend of multiple oxidizers, clarifiers and water enhancing buffers, keeps your pool water clear. Synergy System Clear provides superb water clarity, improved swimmer comfort and a convenient once a fortnight application. Designed for use with all types of pool surfaces, Synergy System Clear allows swimming 15 minutes after application.



Patented BioGuard Lite gives you the benefit of both an oxidiser and a clarifier in one product.


• Makes pool water inviting

• Swim in one hour

• Easy for pool owner use

• Elimnates dull, flat water

• No pre dissolving*

• No Clouding of pool water

• Easy accurate application

• Lowers overall operating costs

*In Vinyl or coloured surface pools, brush immediately after direct application to ensure quick dissolving of active ingredients.

Burn Out®


Burn Out is an excellent problem-solving product. Used for algae-related problems, low sanitizer levels or situations where pools experience a chlorine demand problem.


• Makes pool water more inviting

• Eliminates dull, flat water

• Removes chlorine odour and red eyes caused by combined chloramines

• Works quickly

• Makes pool easier to maintain

Oxysheen – Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer


The regular use of Oxysheen will oxidize the nitrogenous waste that accumulates in swimming pool water, reducing the demand on the sanitizer used for disinfection. This product is not a sanitizer or algaecide. To sanitize your pool or for the removal of algae use the appropriate BioGuard® product formulated to these purposes.


• Keeps water crystal clear

• Reduces odours and eye irritation caused by chloromines

• Is gentle on all pool surfaces

• Is ideal for use with any pool sanitizing system

• Saves on expensive equipment costs

• Treat and swim in 15 minutes

Bio Chlor ‘Plus’


Bio Chlor ‘Plus’ is an unstabilised chlorine which should be used daily to control bacteria & algae in pool water. Formulated for sanitising, oxidizing, clarifying and enhanced water quality.

Algi Shield


Combined algaecide and water clarifier


• For mild algae problems

• Ideal monthly preventative algaecide

• Non-Foaming, excellent for pools with spa jets, fountains and waterfalls

• Built-in clarifier for sparkling water and improved filtering

• 1 bottle treats up to 50 000 litres

Back Up® – Prevent Algae Before It Starts!


An excellent algae inhibitor! Formulated to complement swimming pool water being treated with normal sanitizer systems. Strongest algae protection available. Becomes more effective as pool water gets warmer.


• Prevents a wide species of algae

• Economical

• Lasts Longer

• Maintains efficiency

• Effective in summer heat

• Works where algae accumulates

• Wont stain surfaces

Polysheen® Blue


Polysheen® Blue is used to clear up cloudy water fast. It works on small suspended particles in the water.


• Concentrated water clarifier for all pool types

• Helps make water beautifully clear

• Does not require dilution

• Combines small particles into larger ones for easy removal by the filter

• Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way

• Can be used in all pool and filter types

• Does not effect pH

Super Clear


Polish your pool water!! Water clarifiers now in tablet form.


• Restores water clarity

• Works on a wide range of debris

• Gets to work immediately

• Easy application – simply drop into the weir

• No sticky residue

 Alum Powder


Alum Powder is used to flocculate exceptionally cloudy or muddy water in swimming pools as well as dead algae that remains in suspension causing a “Pea Soup” type appearance. Once the suspended matter settles, a manual vacuum to “waste” is required.

Kwik Clear


A pool settling agent to clear cloudy and discoloured water. Works overnight. Debris must be manually vacuumed from pool bottom.


• Restores water clarity

• Not pH sensitive

• Easy vacuuming of debris

• Works on a wide range of debris

Sparkle Up®


Sparkle-Up restores water sparkle and keeps pool water clear by assisting the filter with removing tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster, dust, dead algae, etc. It also absorbs metal ions to help prevent staining on pool surfaces.


• Restores water sparkle

• Aids in removal of copper and iron

• Improves filtration

• For use with all filter types

Strip Kwik®


Removes oils and greases from diatomaceous earth filters, spa cartridges and sand filters. Lengthens filter cycles and promotes filter efficiency. BioGuard Strip Kwik should be used at least twice a season to control scale and to remove build-up of oils and greases on the filter media. It is highly recommended to cleanse filter media with Strip Kwik® after algae infestations.


• Improves filtration/circulation

• Reduces operational costs

• Less water wasted

• Less work

• Works on all filter types

Pool Velvet


Pool Velvet provides pool owners with soft, comfortable pool water and reduces skin and eye irritations. Just think – No more of that dry,  itchy feeling you sometimes get after swimming. Pool Velvet users are amazed and delighted by the diamond-like sparkle that appears in their pool.

Enhance the BioGuard Maintenance Programmes/Systems with Pool Velvet.


• Reduces operating costs

• Reduces maintenance work

• Sparkling water

• Longer filter runs

• More comfortable water

• Longer swim time

• Decrease the potential for scale formations and metal staining

• Optimizer MKII works in chlorinated, salt chlorinated and brominated pools.

Salt Cell Cleaner


A specialised complex formulation that makes salt chlorinator electrode cleaning easier and improves the cell life. Designed to remove build up of scale from electrodes.


• Improves cell life

• Safer for electrode

• Easy to use

Chlorine Reducer


This product quickly removes excess chlorine or bromine from pool water after super chlorination or algae treatment.


• Reduces pool downtime

• Dissolves instantly

• Suitable for all swimming pool types

Off the Wall


Highly effective tile and surface cleaner. Will remove bathtub ring and light scale deposits from swimming pool tiles. Unlike household products, this heavy duty pool surface cleaner is compatible with pool water.


• Fast clean up

• Won’t damage liner

• Easy application

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